Who are we

CasaBang is a young and innovative company based in the central area of Portugal that focuses on the construction of high quality wooden shelters, bungalows, houses, warehouses, garages, gazebos, among others.

Excelence and Profissionalism

CasaBang offers customers a high quality product with demanding parameters that only wood as the raw material of excellence can offer, without leaving aside the current concerns with the conservation and preservation of nature. That is why CasaBang only uses raw materials with CE0380-CPD-4001 Certification in its construction and follows the PEFC / 10-32-4 standards.

Advantages of wood construction

It is a fact that wood is a raw material with widely recognized characteristics: it absorbs an important part of the energy of the sound waves that it receives, and consequently reduces the external noise pollution; the wood breathes, absorbs and expels moisture; allows the regularization of the interior environment, filtering and purifying the air, in a natural way, contributing to a reduction of rheumatic, respiratory diseases, among others.​


Excellent living conditions

Speed in construction

Ease of maintenance

Ease of modification and changes to the project


Low conservation cost

Thermal and acoustic comfort

Beauty and Harmony

Perfect framing in any environment