What kind of woods are used?

Three types of wood are used: the Casquinha, the Douglas wood and the Nordic Pine. The three main features of durability, aesthetics and strength, are easy to work and dry quickly. Douglas wood has a reddish hue.

What method of construction do they use?

In Garden Shelters, the screw fastening method of construction is used - the horizontal boards are tapered and fixed to vertical boards, providing a perfect finish.
In the Bungalows, a support system is used in semi-buried cement blocks, so that the construction can be considered removable. Throughout the construction a docking system is used that allows the wood to expand without creating cracks and compromising the structure of the model. The floor is composed of 25 mm of thickness and applied by fitting.

Can I change the projects?

All models can be changed and adapted to your taste.

How long does guarantee guarantee?

CasaBang offers a 5 year guarantee on Bungalows and all Wood Houses.

How long does it take to run my project?

In the case of shelters, the assembly time is about 2 to 4 days, and it has the option of being the customer to carry out the assembly and treatment of the wood. For the Bungalows the term of assembly can vary between 4 to 6 weeks; in the construction of the villas the execution period of the work has an average duration of 6 months, after signing the contract.
All lead times may vary depending on stock availability.

What kind of maintenance should I do?

The maintenance to be carried out, regardless of the climatic conditions, should be carried out on average every 4 years, and can be carried out by the client, or by CasaBang on request of budget. The application of varnish is easy and can be applied by brush or spray gun.

Is there not an increased risk of fire in a wooden house?

No, contrary to what one might think wood resists fire better than most materials used in construction. For example, in the case of the presence of a fire source the ignition temperature of the wood must rise to 300 ° C.

What kind of protection do they use on wood?

CasaBang uses a colorless or colored aqueous varnish that protects the exterior and interior walls against moisture, temperature changes, pollution, insects and fungi. It also has excellent resistance to UV rays, fast drying and silky touch. For the exterior finish 3 layers are applied. All wood used also carries a layer of a special product to prevent degradation by insects.

What does the turnkey concept include?

The turn-key concept for Bungalows includes the supply, assembly and treatment of wood, electrical installation, water and sewage; Kitchen: kitchen cabinet, appliances (oven and hob, chimney, sink, water heater); Bathroom: Shower base, toilet and washbasin;
The entrance doors have 3 security points; doors and single-glazed glass panels.